How to Control Diabetes Naturally

Control Diabetes has become world’s first problem because there is no cure to it. It is a deadly disease, just like cancer and many other incurable diseases. It does not kill instantly like cancer but if a person has diabetes, there lifestyle become very limited and very strict. And the person has to become very punctual regarding their diet and medicine. There are different and specific diabetes diet plan that has to follow. The thing about diabetes is that it can be manage moreover, it can be controlle but it has to be done by you. You have to push yourself every day to make sure that you control diabetes and diabetes does not control you.

Exercise Daily: either you have diabetes or not, exercising is good for body and mind. We have asked one the best Stomach balloon Dubai as to how exercise can control diabetes and we got our answers. It will increase insulin levels and maintain your weight at the same time. Exercise will enable your blood sugar to use energy and for muscle contraction. For diabetes management exercise, you do weight lifting, running, brisk walking, dancing, biking, hiking and swimming.

Manage and Eat Specific Carbs: when you consume too much carbs than your body is unable to break these carbs. Into sugar in equal levels which results in increase in blood sugar and that can trigger your diabetes issues. You need to calculate how much you have eaten and how much carbs it has. There are apps for that as well.

Increase Fiber in Your Food: fiber slows down the sugar absorption and carb digestion. But you should know that there are two types of fibers; soluble and insoluble. Soluble acts as a fast when it comes to blood sugar management. American Diabetes Association (ADA) says that men should have 38 grams of fiber and women should take 25 grams of fiber every day that is 14 grams of every 1000 calories taken. Foods like vegetables, legumes, fruits and whole grains have good amount of fiber in them.

Stay Hydrated – Drink a lot of Water: this is the easiest thing to do and it is very important even if you don’t have diabetes. Studies have shown that people who drank more water, they have shown positive result in blood sugar management.

The Most Common Types of Food Allergies

Our favorite foods are very hard to resist but there are people out there who cannot eat their most craved food. Because some people get allergic to different kinds of foods. That is pretty sad to hear specially for a foodie who lives to eat. But when there are limitations in eating then one has to eat to live. Thanks to the food scientists, now even if you have a specific kind allergy from specific kind of food. Then you don’t need to stress out much because we were able to find more info about the substitutes of these foods.

Eggs: imagine when you cannot have the sunny side up or the scrambled eggs in the breakfast. It is pretty frustrating. Even though eggs give energy and they have proteins but there are people who are so much allergic to eggs that it can cause them their lives. If you have a small kid who is less than 5 years old and he/she is allergic to eggs then don’t worry 90% of the children outgrow this allergy.

Substitute: egg is need in many dishes and instead, you can use tofu, flaxse oil or cornstarch.

Milk: this is another commodity that people get allergic to. You will be very surprise to know that on average, more than 80% of the people are lactose intolerant. This means that their digestive system gets mess up when they drink milk even though it is the healthiest thing.

Substitute: now you can buy lactose free milk and there is soy milk as well. There is non-diary milk, plant milk and even coconut milk to opt from.

Peanuts: more than 50% of the population in UAE, get weight loss surgery Dubai because they are severely allergic to peanuts. Some people get their tongues swollen, some people get their airways swollen and some people have even report for having difficulty in breathing. And these people cannot even have peanut butter.

Substitute: there is tree nut free sunflower spread and peanut gluten to opt from.

Fish: some people don’t even like the smell of fish – for them it is a smell and for many it is a fragrance. Avoiding seafood might be the most difficult thing but people have been reporting of getting skin allergies.

Substitute: ask your doctor if you can have canned salmon or tuna.

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