Easy to draw comics

Easy to draw comics. Comics, manga Sounds familiar? For years, they have been a part of our readings, and perhaps today, they are one of the most widely used to encourage children to read. In fact, it is a problem that you have been encouraged to create your own cartoon at some point in your life, even if you are not good at drawing. In the past, it was difficult, but now many comics are easy to draw, and it is because of the use of illustrations, applications, and programs that “computerize” that art.

Easy to draw comics
Easy to draw comics

What is a cartoon?

First of all, we need to define what a cartoon is. According to RAE, a cartoon is a series or sequences of vignettes that tell a story. In other words, we are talking about a book, magazine, cartoon, manga … that tells the story of these characters through pictures and a short text.

There is no minimum or maximum length when it comes to making comics. In fact, you may find that a cartoon with a panel in itself is a cartoon, but we can also mention works like Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach … which are sleeves with many panels (stacked in volumes).

Factors to consider making comics easy to draw

If you want to start drawing your own cartoon, you need to know the bases it requires. And it is, like a novel, a poem, or an illustration, important to know what needs to be present (and defines a comic). The most important factors are thus the following:


You have to determine who will be or who will be the main character to give it its meaning. Obviously, you can enter as many characters as you want, both main and secondary.

The argument


In other words, we talk about the history of the comic, what you want to tell about it. Even if you use a cartoon with only three panels, you need to make sense of these three illustrations, because otherwise nothing will be understood.

The comic format

This is where you should choose comics that are easy to draw or more complex. And it depends on whether what you want to do is a cartoon with some vignettes, whether you want to create an entire page, or whether you want more pages to create a closer story. If this is your first time, we recommend choosing the first option, as you can practice this way.

Easy to draw types of comics

Within comic book artists, there are many different styles. A person who focuses on romantic stories is not the same as, for example, those who prefer to draw comics, humor, fairy tales, etc. And that makes there are many different types of comics, some easier to draw than others. But what styles are there? And which of them are the simplest?

According to the style of the cartoon

We can tell you that depending on the style of the cartoon, you can do the following:

  • Fairy tale. It is one of the most used and also one of the most popular. They are also known as action genres, and although they focus primarily on male audiences, the truth is that nothing stops them from having female audiences.
  • War-like. This style began to become famous in the 40s, especially taught in World War II.
  • Humor. It is one of the most important, and one, although it seems easy, sometimes it is not so easy.
  • Costumbrist. This is more of a mix of present and humor.
  • Erotic. Some call it pornographic, and as its names indicate, it tells a sexual story in which the image and onomatopoeia are predominant over the story itself (or the text).
  • Fantastic. Based on heroes who fight against villains and where good always triumphs over evil.
  • Historic. A way of approaching a country’s history or historical event through drawings.
  • Romantic. In this case, and unlike the erotic, the most important is the romance and the love story between the characters without being descriptive or visual in this type of sexual activity.

The easiest comics to draw

When we think of drawing comics, based on the styles we have mentioned above, fairy tales, humor, and customs likely are the easiest to draw as they are topics that can attract the person or find a larger audience to make themselves known. They are also among the most templates you will find, especially with certain types of characters being created.

Creating comics without knowing how to draw, is it possible?

Finally, we will talk about a problem many people may have: want to make comics, try comics that are easy to draw, and are not happy with the result. Before, when you wanted but did not have the talent to draw, you could not do anything. No matter how many original ideas you had or how much you knew the essence of a cartoon, it did not attract attention if you did not get an attractive drawing.

But today, that “lack” of drawing is solved with computer programs. Of course, these are limited, and you will not find everything your imagination has thought of; but it is a way to achieve that dream through comics that are easy to draw and that are already “pre-designed.” All you have to do is give it your shape.

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