Geometric decoration: our ideas for a colorful and original decoration

Geometric decoration

Want to integrate geometric decoration into your interior?

Our interior designer gives you all her advice to integrate geometric decoration into your interior to bring a dynamic and original side to your room.  Union Complex is the best spot for purchasing Union luxury apartments in Lahore.

Whether it is tiles, small decoration, wallpaper, or even furniture, you can find geometric decoration in different forms and all your interior rooms.


An original geometric decoration for a child’s room

We very often find geometric decoration in a child’s room. Indeed, the child’s room usually has a Nordic decor that brings clarity and softness to the room.

For an original bedroom, we find mountains painted on the wall to bring relief and a feeling of depth. The ideal is to vary colors while remaining in the same tones. For example, opt for a light blue color associated with gray or white for a boy’s room.

Define a bedroom area and an office area

It is possible to create different shapes that will delimit your bed or office area with paint.

The office is often integrated into a living room. To delimit the space while maintaining harmony, separate the furniture with paint in a geometric shape.

Indeed, if you have a living room with a high ceiling height, you can create a terracotta-colored arch for an original ethnic style that will add character to your room. If you have a smaller room, mark off the space by simply painting a solid color section of the wall. A colorful painting can easily be adapted to an art deco or ethnic style. For a Nordic decor style, opt for a pastel-colored paint like pink or blue.


Geometric patterns

We very often find geometric patterns in Nordic decoration. Indeed, very graphic and refined, Nordic decoration groups shapes together triangles, hexagons, or even diamonds.

You can, first of all, find this type of pattern on cushions in small formats. Indeed, this pattern goes very well with a Nordic sofa in a light gray color, for example. These shapes are often found in pastel colors such as blue, pink, green, or more colorful, such as yellow or petrol blue.

Fluffy textures for an ethnic decor

The geometric shapes decoration is also found in the ethnic style. Indeed, this decorative style is composed of Berber and ethnic motifs, often geometric shapes.

These patterns are often paired with fluffy textures like shag rugs or fringe cushions. Unlike Nordic decoration, the practices of ethnic geometric decoration are more abstract and asymmetrical. In terms of colors, we mainly find patterns with black and unfilled outlines associated with bright colors such as red, yellow, or blue in solid shapes.

For example, opt for a shag rug with geometric square and diamond patterns dressed in red and yellow that will bring character to your room and transport you to another culture.


Walls and textiles

The art deco style brings together many patterns and textures by geometric decoration. First of all, concerning the walls, we often find wallpapers with geometric and colorful patterns present on a single section of the wall, which will bring charm and depth to the room.

For example, for a 100% art deco style, opt for petroleum blue paint on the wall with a section of geometric wallpaper in a dark and gold color.

Regarding textiles, we very often find materials such as velvet stitched with golden threads revealing geometric shapes such as hexagons or diamonds.

Geometric decorative objects

To bring charm to your interior while keeping a pretty harmony, add geometric decorative objects. Indeed, we often find small geometric decorations in Nordic decorations for a child’s room, for example, or in a living room.

For a pretty geometric decoration in your living room, opt for an asymmetrical brass mirror that will dress the wall. Then, add a hexagonal clock to bring a contemporary style to the room while maintaining a clean side. You can also choose abstract wall posters for a more graphic effect on your walls.


Hexagonal shelves

Hexagonal shelves are very often present in Scandinavian decoration. Indeed, they allow you to dress your geometric wall decoration to give it a clean and minimalist side typical of Nordic decoration.

For a touch of originality, opt for hexagonal shelves in pastel colors arranged randomly on the wall. If you want to benefit from more substantial storage, opt for honeycomb shelves that will dress your wall in a more significant way. This type of shelf can be found as much in a Scandinavian decoration as an ethnic decoration if you choose it in raw wood.

Square shelves

For a more classic decoration, opt for square shelves that you can arrange in staggered rows or a linear fashion, depending on the style you want to give to your room. First of all, for a contemporary decoration, opt for square metal shelves, which will bring character to your wall decoration while remaining relatively uncluttered.

For a more atypical decoration, opt for cube shelves that you can arrange in the way you want according to the style you want to give to your room. This shelf style is very often found in contemporary decoration because it is very refined and neutral.

If you want more storage, opt instead for a bookcase with geometric decoration that will authentically highlight a living room or an office.


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