How to wash a double jogging stroller

How to wash a double jogging stroller

How to wash a double jogging stroller is not as simple as any parent can expect. Every time a child rides in one, it’s necessary to ensure that the stroller is sanitized and free of bacteria. Unlike other bags, the stroller’s cabin poses special problems, especially if it’s filled with a number of small children. In this article, we’ll share some helpful tips on how to wash the best double jogging stroller.


Dry it off completely

Once the inside of the stroller is exposed, you will want to make sure that you dry it off completely. You should be especially careful when doing this since a wet stroller can cause a lot of problems for the child. When you dry the item you will want to make sure that you completely clean the inside of the stroller with a mild detergent. To effectively remove all of the stains, you will want to use about two cups of bleach. Be sure that you use a soft brush to brush the stain from the fabric.


Never leave it in a sink

The first thing to know about washing bags is to never leave it in a sink. It should always be placed on a drying stand. This is very important because the bag could easily dry out while it’s in the sink, thus becoming useless after only one use. If you don’t dry it out properly, the bag might shrink or even tear. Once it has dried out, there’s no turning back, so it’s best to take it outside immediately.


Needs to properly care

Double jogging strollers are heavy, and they need to be properly cared for. The best way to do this is by washing them on a regular schedule. Don’t start washing it before every trip. Start by taking the stroller outside every morning to an open area. Using your garden hose, spray down the entire bag, making sure that you don’t miss any corners. Use a mild soap, or if you prefer a gentle soap, follow the package directions.


Detachable liners

Once you have the diaper bag clean, remove all of the detachable liners. If you have a front carrier, you’ll simply need to unbolt it from the side of the stroller. For a side or rear carrier, you’ll need to unbolt it from the backside. Wipe down the bag again with a detergent and a soft brush, removing all of the crumbs and food that may have made their way to the bag. Then you’ll want to rinse it thoroughly.


Re-attach your stroller

Once you have completed this step, you’ll know how to wash a double jogging stroller. The bag is now ready to re-attach to your stroller. If you have side or back carriers, simply connect them, using plies, and then snap them down into the bag. If you are having a front carrier, simply keep the strap from the top closed and attach it to the bottom. After that, you can attach the side or back panels to your stroller.


Having enough water

Now it’s time to check. You want to ensure that you have enough water for the entire stroller. Depending on how many people you have with you, this could be as little as a half a gallon. Then you will want to check the fabric. If you are concerned about it, you can add another quart of water. Make sure all of the fabric is completely dry before putting on any other items on the stroller.


It is very easy

As you can see, learning how to clean a double jogging stroller can be easy. It only requires a bit of time and effort. Once you complete this process, you will be ready to go enjoy all of the activities that your baby is going to be in. In addition, you will feel confident in knowing that your baby is safe and secure.


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