CSM®️ Certification Vs. PSM™ Certification

CSM®️ course and PSM™ course deal with software development, they are important but are still distinct in some ways. Despite CSM®️’s inferiority to PSM™, it may be considered comparable due to its age. In spite of this, if you are choosing between PSM™ Vs CSM®️, the benefits of no renewal, reliability, and lower cost make PSM™ an easier choice. How do you compare them? Would it be more valuable to become a PSM™ or a CSM®️? Which certification would be more valuable? Questions like these may be on the minds of many. Compare the PSM™ vs CSM®️ certifications to find out which is right for you.

The following points differentiate CSM®️ from PSM™:

  • Passing Rank

If you hope to pass the CSM® certification exam, you must score at least 69 per cent on 35 questions. A PSM™certification requires at least a 60 per cent score. You must score at least 85% to pass the PSM™certification exam. PSM™certification passes with a higher passing score than CSM® certification.

  • Exam Pattern

CSM®️ is a multiple-choice exam as opposed to PSM™, which has a different exam pattern. In addition to multiple-choice questions and answers, essay or false/true type questions may be included in PSM™ certification tests.

  • Exam Level

In comparison with the CSM®️ certification exam, the PSM™ exam is much more difficult. After training for two days, you can take the CSM®️ certification exam. As long as you are familiar with implementing Scrum, you do not need any training. With a few years of experience studying Scrum, you can pass these exams, which are much more challenging than those for PSM™-I. PSM™ is on a higher level than CSM®️ based on the comparison of the two comprehensively.

  • Accomplishment Of Certification

There are also differences in the attainment procedures between PSM™ and CSM®️ certifications. Attendance at a reputable training institute of one’s choice is required in order to earn CSM®️ certification. Attendance does not lead to certification; instead, assessments do. A professional scrum master can be certified on many levels. To earn each level, you must pass an assessment or exam.


  • Content Reliability Of Exams

CSM®️ certification training is offered by many institutes. There is therefore a difference in the content of the training from institute to institute, and from trainer to trainer; making the content incongruent, and therefore, unreliable. In PSM™ certification, assessments are taken by a single body. In other words, the content of the exam remains consistent, but trainers may interpret it differently. Due to the consistency of the content, the content of the PSM™ exam is extremely reliable, whereas the content of CSM®️ is not.


Finally, the PSM™ course and the CSM®️ course are extremely relevant for Scrum Masters. They have different advantages and disadvantages. CSM® and PSM™ can be compared based on the differences above, but CSM® is more aged than PSM™, so its similarity rather than its inferiority is more apparent. On the other hand, if you’re choosing between PSM™ and CSM®️, factors such as no renewal, reliability, and cost are the reasons why PSM™ is the better option. If you pass the Professional Scrum Master certification exam, then you are a certified scrum master.


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