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Fitting LED Lighting in a Campervan Setup

LED bulbs are a popular choice for campervan lighting installations, offering high energy efficiency and standing the test of time.

Knowing why and how to use LED lighting in your campervan setup is the key to reducing energy consumption and making the most of your lighting solutions.

Here’s everything you need to know to choose and install LED bulbs in your travelling home.

What are LED bulbs?

LED stands for “light emitting diode,” which refers to the way that electricity is conducted. Electrical currents travel in only one direction through the diode, activating electrons, which release photons that appear as a bright light.

While LED bulbs are still a relatively new addition to the world of lighting technology, they are now the preferred choice for many installations, including those in campervan setups.

Why use LED bulbs for a campervan setup?

There are many benefits to using LED bulbs for campervan installations. LED lights are inexpensive and are easy to install, making them the perfect choice for a travelling home. They last for years at a time before needing to be replaced, making them cost effective and low maintenance.

LED bulbs are highly energy efficient, saving you money on electricity bills while also being kind to the environment in the long run. By relying on only low voltage, LED lights are able to stay quite cool while in use, which is ideal for installations in small spaces.

Best LED bulbs for campervans

For campervans, there are several popular types of overhead LED lights, which can be used for different purposes. In most cases, you can choose between warm and cool lights and can select your desired fixture finish.

LED light strips are lightweight and are highly versatile, able to be adapted easily and hardwired into your vehicle setup. Choose the 12-volt option.

Recessed LED lights are great for RVs. They are small yet effective and are easy to hardwire. They last for long periods of time and provide plenty of light. The 12-volt strips are the best choice.

Alternatives to these kinds of strip lights are various and include fairy lights, battery-powered lights, and solar lanterns.

These solutions are perfect for short-term use, but if you plan to use lights in your van for an extended period of time, a more permanent installation is a good idea.

Where to place LED bulbs

In a small campervan space, where you place your lights can have a significant impact on your vehicle’s overall look and functionality.

Providers that offer Texas electricity rates suggest that you also use LED lights in your home since they are more energy-efficient and spend less energy.

If you’re looking for a soft, cosy vibe, outdoor lights can make a big difference to your van! You can add lights along the awnings of your van, offering a soft glow after nightfall. Warm fairy lights or solar lights are often a good choice.

Inside your van, you’ll need proper lighting solutions to make life easy and practical. In working areas like the kitchen or your study desk, choose a brighter light of 700 to 800 lumens. Strip lights are a great option!

You’ll also need lights for your bathroom and living spaces. Here, lights can be a little dimmer. Strip lights are perfect in these spaces, where lights are likely to be used frequently.

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